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Aggressive Ontario, California Lawyers Representating Clients Charged with Misdemeanors

Misdemeanor crimes are often considered to be “mid-level” offenses: while they are not considered as severe or serious as felony charges, they are more serious than simple infractions (such as many traffic offenses). This does not mean, however, that misdemeanor charges are inconsequential. A misdemeanor conviction can result in fines and/or periods of incarceration in a local jail for up to one year. You can also be placed on formal supervision and be required to pay costs related to your case and conviction and attend one or more types of treatment. This can result in a significant disruption to your life and the lives of your friends and family.

SNL Law Group, APC has represented numerous Inland Empire residents charged with misdemeanor offenses and has helped them maintain their liberty and protect their rights. Contact the Ontario, CA misdemeanor defense attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC today.

Types of Misdemeanor Crimes

The California Legislature designates what criminal conduct will be considered a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor crime typically results in some actual harm or threatened harm to the person, property, or rights of another person or of the government. Misdemeanor crimes may include:

  • Person crimes that result in the threatened or actual injury of another person. Battery and assault are two of the most common types of person crimes that may be considered misdemeanors.
  • Property crimes result in the temporary or permanent deprivation of property from its owner. Theft is a property crime that can be considered a misdemeanor, as can criminal trespass as the crime results in the temporary interference with the property owner’s right and ability to enjoy his or her private property as he or she chooses.
  • Traffic crimes can be considered misdemeanors (such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol). Usually traffic crimes that are treated as misdemeanors are those that pose some risk of harm to the general public.
  • Drug crimes like possession of certain low-level drugs or drug paraphernalia may be prosecuted as misdemeanors.
  • Government crimes that are treated as misdemeanors can include fleeing from police or interfering with a police investigation. Usually these crimes impede the ability of government actors or agents to efficiently carry out their duties.

Although misdemeanors may not carry with them the same collateral consequences that felony convictions do, certain misdemeanor convictions can still impact your ability to obtain employment in certain fields. For example, a misdemeanor conviction for theft may prohibit you from obtaining employment in the banking or financial sectors.

Sentencing a Defendant for a Misdemeanor Conviction

Judges are given a greater amount of discretion in sentencing a criminal defendant for a misdemeanor than they are for a defendant convicted of a felony. This means that judges are better able to fashion an appropriate sentence that takes into consideration any number of mitigating circumstances that may be present in your case if you were to be convicted of a misdemeanor. These mitigating circumstances may include:

  • The absence of prior convictions;
  • The desire of the victim not to prosecute the case;
  • Restitution being made or offered to the victim;
  • Letters and/or testimony attesting to your good nature and general positive reputation.

SNL Law Group, APC’s team of dedicated Ontario, CA criminal defense attorneys are committed to helping clients obtain the best possible outcome in their criminal cases. The firm uses the latest software and technology to help them effectively manage cases and present their clients’ stories in a powerful and compelling way in the courtroom. They offer criminal defense clients in the Inland Empire a free initial consultation wherein they will discuss the facts and circumstances of their potential clients’ cases with them and advise them of their legal rights. Contact SNL Law Group, APC today by calling (909) 457-4270.

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