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Being charged with a felony in the State of California is a serious matter. A felony is the most-serious type of criminal offense in California and can be punished by hefty fines and long periods of incarceration. A felony conviction can haunt you for years to come: your ability to enroll in college or a postsecondary education institution or obtain certain jobs can be adversely affected as can your ability to move to a different part of the country while you are on any form of felony supervision.

Retaining the services of a resourceful and aggressive criminal defense attorney is one of the best ways to ensure your legal rights and interests are protected. At SNL Law Group, APC, we pride ourselves on using our legal knowledge and experience along with cutting-edge technology to help our clients achieve superior results in their criminal cases.

Types of Felony Crimes in California

A crime does not need to result in physical harm to another person to be considered a felony: in fact, certain crimes committed against another’s property or against another’s financial or other interests can be considered felonies in California. These include:

  • Homicide offenses such as murder and manslaughter in which another person’s life is taken;
  • Sexual-related crimes such as rape – sexual intercourse with another person against that other person’s will;
  • Drug-related offenses such as distribution or selling a controlled substance;
  • “White collar” crimes like forgery, which can impact a victim’s finances and/or personal rights.
  • Property offenses like burglary, which involves entering another person’s private property without authorization in order to commit a criminal act.

Felonies can be punished severely in California. Judges that sentence defendants convicted of committing a felony offense must follow sentencing guidelines that help the court impose a fair and appropriate sentence given the nature of the offense, the harm that resulted to the victim(s), and your criminal history. There are special sentencing considerations if you have previous felony convictions and/or are currently serving a felony sentence.

How are Felonies Punished in California?

Californians who commit felonies can be punished in a variety of ways. The most serious of felonies – murder – can be punished by death. Other felony offenses may result in incarceration for months or years in a state correctional institution (prison) or in a local county jail. You may also be assessed fines totaling thousands of dollars and be held responsible for paying costs and fees associated with your trial and/or your sentence.

Defendants who do not have a significant criminal history or whose cases involve other mitigating factors may be eligible to be placed on formal supervision in lieu of being sentenced to a term of confinement in jail or prison. Supervision is not easy: if you fail to complete the tasks and conditions assigned to you while on supervision, or if you commit additional offenses, you may have your supervision revoked and be sentenced to jail or prison.

Seek the Services of an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Today

California residents who find themselves charged with felony offenses should contact the offices of SNL Law Group, APC right away for experienced and knowledgeable representation. The attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding their clients’ charges and analyze the evidence the prosecution plans on using to prove their clients’ guilt. We can help our clients uncover witnesses and/or facts that can exonerate them and relieve them of criminal liability or reduce the sentence they may receive from the court. SNL Law Group, APC offers free initial consultations for our criminal defense clients. Their offices can be reached by calling (909) 457-4270 or contacting them through their website:


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