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Serving California Truck Accident Victims and Their Families

Many of the United States’ largest companies are either headquartered or own facilities in California. Couple this fact with California’s position on the nation’s Pacific coast near Mexico and it is easy to understand why large quantities of goods and merchandise of all types and sizes are shipped through California on a daily basis. Many of these goods are shipped using commercial trucks along California’s highways. But semis and tractor-trailers are not the only commercial vehicles that share the roads with passenger vehicles and other motorists. Tourists who flock to the Golden State often use large tour busses to get from here to there, and construction vehicles may also use the state’s roads to travel from jobsite to jobsite. With all these commercial vehicles sharing the roads with motorists, motorcyclists, and others, accidents are bound to happen.

Ontario, California Truck & Big Rig Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents often cause serious injuries and losses to motorists and passengers in other vehicles, leaving these individuals with thousands of dollars in expenses and losses. These are costs that victims and their families should not have to bear. Contact SNL Law Group, APC for assistance in recovering compensation after a truck, big rig or commercial vehicle accident.

Protecting Legal Rights After a Truck Crash

Many trucking companies or transportation firms retain the services of law firms whose sole job is to limit the financial and legal liability of the company after a crash. It is therefore important to be well-informed and to ensure your rights and interests are adequately represented and asserted. Make certain to move quickly after a truck accident to that important evidence that can help establish fault can be preserved, including:

  • The truck driver’s logbook showing how long the driver had been behind the wheel before the crash;
  • The truck driver’s medical certificate showing any health conditions he or she may have had;
  • The truck driver’s blood or breath alcohol concentration or blood contents, if alcohol or drugs are suspected to have played a role in the crash;
  • The truck driver’s cellular telephone records (this will tell you whether the driver was talking on his or her cell phone or texting just before the crash);
  • The “black box” from the commercial vehicle (this is a computerized recording device that automatically records important information about the truck and its systems in the moments immediately before the crash).

Unless swift action is taken to identify the records and evidence you will need for your case and preserve these items for your lawsuit, these important records and evidence can be irretrievably lost. This can make it extremely difficult – if not impossible – to proceed with your truck accident lawsuit.

Steps to Take Following a Truck Accident 

Once your truck accident is over and you have received medical evaluation and treatment for any injuries you may have suffered, be certain that you:

  • File a claim with your insurance company (note, though, you do not have to – and should not – give a recorded statement to your insurance company without having discussed your claim with a truck accident attorney and/or having your attorney present with you when making your statement);
  • Preserve any notes, photographs, or other documents from your crash in a safe space so they can be easily retrieved when needed;
  • Discuss any settlement offer you may receive from an insurance company or from the trucking company with an experienced attorney. A settlement agreement may require you to waive certain rights you may have.

You should also make an appointment for a free initial consultation with SNL Law Group, APC. They can help you to better understand what legal remedies you may have and how best to pursue them. Contact them at (909) 457-4270 today and our seasoned California trucking accident attorneys help you and your family following a California truck accident.

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