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A traumatic brain injury can be one of the worst injuries a person could suffer. When a brain injury is serious, the trauma can result in irreversible structural damage of a person’s skull or permanent neurological injury. A traumatic brain injury has the capability to result in long-term deficits in diverse areas of a person’s life that could include speech, cognition, psychological health, sensory perception, and bodily movement. Regrettably, even when the injury is milder, the consequences can result in substantial deficiencies that can last a lifetime.

Hire an Experienced Ontario, California TBI Attorney

If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury because of another’s wrongful actions in or around Ontario, CA, seek the legal support of a qualified team of attorneys. Our attorneys have the legal skills and experience you need to help guide through the entire legal process and help you win your case. At SNL Law Group, APC, we are dedicated to assisting our clients obtain the restitution they deserve following the injuries they have sustained at the hands of a negligent party. If you need legal support in a traumatic brain injury case, obtain the legal support of a qualified team of personal injury attorneys that will defend your rights. Contact the attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC and obtain a free case evaluation today.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Have Devastating Consequences

Attention to the seriousness and causes behind traumatic brain injuries is at an all-time high. In particular, various news outlets are focusing on reports of soldiers, who return from deployment with serious traumatic brain injuries and other health concerns including Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Additional popular reports also highlight post-death studies conducted on NFL players where studies indicate that upon their demise, NFL players that suffer repeated brain trauma often show evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

Outside of these published reports, however, are TBIs that result from everyday incidents. Common accidents such as slip and falls, car accidents, or assault can easily result in permanent brain damage. If left untreated, the brain injury can lead to added grievances and amplified injuries.

The Scope of the Problem Related to Traumatic Brain Injuries

In the year 2010, approximately 2.5 million individuals in the U.S. visited an emergency room, were treated in a hospital, or passed away because of a traumatic brain injury. A fraction of the 2.5 million treated individuals reflect the following:

  • 70% – the percent increase in ER visits
  • 11% – the percent increase in patient hospitalizations
  • 7% – the percent increase in casualties over the last ten years

While the upsurges showcased can easily be attributed to the growing efficiency in diagnosing brain injuries along with the amplified concern to treating them, it can also be concluded that the increases can be the result of the injuries becoming more common.

The increasing occurrence of these injuries can be reflected in younger age groups, where over 248,000 children under the age of 19 who played sports or participated in recreational activities suffered a head injury in 2010. These reports highlighted a 57% rise from the rates in the previous ten years.

Unfortunately, the year-to-year rates do not reflect the amount of Americans who live with the long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury. In the U.S., over 5.3 million people live with a disability that resulted from a brain injury. Of these individuals, a majority will not be able to regain the bodily functions they once had. Furthermore, many of these individuals will live with a lifetime of hazy vision, headaches, seizures, mental disorders, degenerative neurological diseases, and/or cognitive loss. Individuals that have suffered a TBI will often need a lifetime of medical treatment and care.

Causes and Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury will typically occur when there is an external force that has altered the pathology or function the brain. In a serious impact, the brain can be forcibly moved within the victim’s skull, where the pulling and tearing of important parts of the brain can occur during the process. A traumatic brain injury can result in mild to severe injuries, such as:

  • Concussions,
  • Diffuse axonal injuries,
  • Secondary impact syndrome,
  • Coup-contrecoup injuries, or
  • Penetrating head injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can vary from person to person but they are typically resulting from the following events: Sports injuries, Car accidents, Pedestrian accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Truck accidents, Boating accidents, Physical violence, Medical errors, or any serious impacts to the head.

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, he or she may not have any immediate symptoms. When obvious impact to the head has occurred, however, the following symptoms are typically recognizable: Dilated pupils, Dizziness, Vision impairment, The loss of consciousness, Headaches, Confusion, Respiratory failure, Fluid coming from the nose, Fluid coming from the ears, and/or in extreme cases, TBIs can result in the victim’s coma or semi-comatose state or death.

A traumatic brain injury can have very serious consequences and if treatment is delayed, the degree of injury can potentially be amplified.

Obtain the Support of a TBI Attorney in the Ontario, California

If you or someone you know suffered a serious brain injury, it is very important to immediately seek medical care and obtain the legal support of a qualified team of attorneys. Traumatic brain injuries routinely result in high medical costs, treatment expenses, and even the loss of earning capacity. If you or someone you know suffered a TBI because of another’s carelessness, consult the legal support of a qualified personal injury attorney.

The legal professionals at SNL Law Group, APC have many years of committed experience serving the citizens of Ontario, CA. The firm understands the degree of sensitivity and urgency traumatic brain injury cases need. They will work thoroughly to ensure that every one of their cases has the best opportunity at a successful settlement. If you were injured because of the negligence of another, seek the legal guidance you need. A skilled team of lawyers will work hard to ensure you receive the financial compensation you truly deserve.

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