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Slip and Fall Attorney in Ontario, California

When a person suffers a slip and fall accident, his or her initial reaction may be one of laughter. Slip and fall accidents, however, are no laughing matter. Last year alone, over 8.9 million people had to visit an emergency room after enduring injuries sustained from a slip and fall accident. The fact is, a slip, fall or trip accident is the second-leading source of accidental deaths in communities, and according to the National Safety Council, these accidents have caused approximately 25,000 deaths in 2009 alone.

When It Comes to Slip and Fall Accident Cases, Experience in Litigation Matters

At SNL Law Group, APC, our Ontario, CA slip & fall attorneys have extensive experience in handling trip, fall, and slip accident claims. Read about our recent &756,000 slip & fall settlement. We understand how quickly these types of accidents can affect your life – one incident can lead to a lifetime of medical challenges and costs – all because of the careless indifference of a property owner or property caretaker. By filing a personal injury lawsuit in the State of California over a slip and fall accident, injured victims can hold reckless parties responsible for their carelessness and indifference, potentially winning restitution for any medical costs and sudden loss of income. Additionally, victims who file a claim can find solace by having the establishment follow safety protocols in the future.

If you have been injured as a result of dangerous conditions, you should know that the laws in California are on your side. Contact Ontario, CA based attorneys SNL Law Group, APC today for a free case evaluation.

Key Reports Regarding Slip and Fall Accidents

When it comes to slip, trip and fall accidents, being aware of the reports can help you understand the gravity of an accident. The following are prominent accident reports: A sudden fall is the leading cause of accidental injury in the United States – 2011 National Security Council Injury Facts, The percent of falls and casualties among the elderly demographic is much higher than that of other age groups. Slips, falls and trips account for about 15% of all unintentional casualties and are second to car accident casualties – OSHA About 3 million falls will occur in the U.S. each year, with approximately 14,000 of these falls being fatal – Los Angeles Times Nearly 4,000 of the reported 14,000 falls that happen every year will happen when a person is at ground level – Los Angeles Times Condominiums and apartment buildings are among the highest sued parties – Graziadio Business Review The megastore Wal-Mart experiences nearly 1,000 customer grievances a day as a result of tripping on store merchandise, slipping on wet floors, or being struck by a falling object – Graziadio Business Review

Trip and Fall Accidents: Exploring the Different Types of Accidents

The attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC have extensive experience in handling a vast array of trip, fall and slip scenarios. A person can lose his or her footing because of a wet floor. Uneven sidewalk surfaces can cause an unsuspecting pedestrian to trip. These are just some of the many accidents that occur every day, and at SNL Law Group, APC we have the skills and knowledge to challenge those who are liable for these dangerous conditions.

Unreasonably Hazardous Conditions That Could Cause a Slip, Fall or Trip Accident Include: A recently polished floor, Grease left behind, Snow on a sidewalk, Wet spots in a store aisle, An uneven walking surface, An uneven sidewalk, Electrical cords, Unnecessary clutter on store aisles, Filing cabinets left open, Loose gravel, Furrowed rugs

An accidental fall could take place in any of the following locations: Sidewalks, Curbs, Stairs, Front lawns, Ladders, Driveways, Doorways, Escalators, Parking garages, Parking lots, Any place with a sudden shift in elevation

A slip and fall injury can consist of any broken bones, lacerations, neck or spine injuries, traumatic head injuries, cosmetic disfigurements, and even amputations. In the most severe cases, a person can suffer lethal injuries from a slip, trip or fall accident.

At SNL Law Group, APC we are committed to serving clients and their families seek restitution following a tragic slip, trip or fall accident that has caused financial and emotional distress. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, the victim can proactively seek justice against the negligent property owner or caretaker.

Determining Responsibility in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In a majority of personal injury lawsuits filed in the State of California, there are three important elements that must be presented in order to successfully win a case:

The defendant (the property owner or property manager) had the duty to prevent harm to the victim

The defendant breached the duty of care

The victim sustained injuries because of the breach

Determining liability in a personal injury claim is not easy, and although property owners should take reasonable caution in ensuring the premises is free from hazards, slip and fall accidents are not always their doing.

A California court will evaluate the case and examine the evidence, including: Did the defendant cause the hazardous condition? Did the defendant know of the dangerous condition and fail to take action to remedy it? On a similar case, would another property owner discover and repair the hazardous condition? Was there an appropriate reason why the hazardous condition was there? Did lighting, or the lack thereof, contribute to the dangerous condition that led to the accident? Could the region have been made more secure with the use of warning signs or barriers?

Not every incident that involves a slipper ground will entail a personal injury lawsuit. Oftentimes, a victim will fail to recognize the hazardous condition or ignore posted warning signs. Many times, an injured victim can be partially held accountable for his or her own injuries, but it is important to know that restitution can still be recoverable.

California law indicates that property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises reasonably safe from hazards and warn when a dangerous situation exists. Liability regarding slip and falls cover all claims where the property owner has breached the duty of care, thereby allowing a dangerous condition to exist on the premises, which resulted in another’s harm.

Have Any Questions Regarding Your Slip and Fall Case? Call Ontario, CA Law Firm SNL Law Group, APC

The attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC have built a reputation in helping victims of negligence obtain the financial compensation they deserve. If you have been injured as a result of another’s carelessness, seek the legal support of a qualified team of attorneys who have extensive experience in the matter.

When it comes to slip, trip and fall claims in California, time works against you – the lawyers at SNL Law Group, APC are a great asset to have, they will make sure your claim gets the support and attention it deserves.

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