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Dog Bite Attorney in Ontario, California

At SNL Law Group, APC., we have successfully obtained reparations on behalf of victims by means of insurance settlement negotiations or through the use of vigorous litigation. In the State of California, dog bite victims can seek restitution based on the premise of strict liability and negligence. Additionally, the state has enacted a statute that will hold dog owners responsible even if the pet had no prior history of aggression.

In spite of the numerous state laws that serve to protect the general public, the State of California has some of the highest rates of canine bite claims filed under homeowner insurance. On a national level, nearly 4.5 million dog bites occur every year. Approximately 1 out of every 5 bite reported was serious enough to require medical attention. Regrettably, a majority of these injuries are inflicted on children.

Aside from any physical and emotional trauma a dog bite can cause, many victims also face thousands of dollars in expenditures. The consequences of a dog bite are numerous but fortunately, there are legal remedies that can be available to those who have endured grievances as a result of someone else’s carelessness.

Fight for Your Rights with the Right Attorneys

In order to receive monetary compensation following an attack in the State of California, you will need to do more than speak and attempt to negotiate with the pet owner. With the skills and knowledge of an experienced Ontario, CA personal injury lawyer from SNL Law Group, APC, you can be sure that your claim will be handled in the utmost professional and efficient manner. With our support, we will fight to ensure that you obtain the maximum amount in restitution for all of your medical expenditures, time taken off work, along with the pain and suffering you have endured.

If you have suffered a dog bite in Ontario, CA and are in need of an advocate to protect your best interests, you can count on the attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC. Our law firm has served many dedicated years in the Ontario and we specialize in these types of cases, always helping victims get the restitution they not only need but also deserve.

California Dog Bite Laws and Statistics

In the United States, a dog bite will take place approximately every 75 seconds, leading to over 1,000 emergency room visits each day. Last year, there were 32 recorded casualties, from which two-thirds were caused by pit bulls.

In the State of California, a dog bite victim needs to establish the following:

  • The dog is owned by the accused
  • The dog bite happened while on public property or occurred when lawfully on private property
  • The dog bite caused the victim bodily injury and harm

California state legislature indicates that dog owners are liable for any damages suffered by those bitten by their pet while on public property or when the victim is lawfully on private property. This includes while being inside the premises of the dog owner’s property. Dog owners in California are held liable for the attack even if they had no prior knowledge of the pet’s aggression.

Because of this, proving that a pet owner acted maliciously or carelessly are not necessarily needed when filing a claim; California laws stipulate a pet owner’s responsibility for damages caused by a dog bite, even when the pet had no prior record of having vicious tendencies.

Pet owners can also be held accountable for the dog’s actions if found to be negligent in the handling of the animal. If the pet owner allowed the dog to roam free without a leash, he or she has placed any guests and passersby in danger. It should be noted that California civil courts will deny any awards to those who have instigated the attack by their own merit, since they will thereby assume all risks associated with the dog bite by harassing the dog.

Many defendants attempt to avoid responsibility by denying ownership of the dog, citing insufficient documentation of the canine, or placing blame on the victim by accusing him or her of either trespassing or provoking the bite.

Obtaining the advice of a proficient and skilled personal injury attorney is the best course of action following a dog bite – even if the bite occurred while on a family member or friend’s home. The attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC, offer an in-depth case analysis at no cost, and will also answer any questions you may have with respect to your right to financial restitution.

Injuries Caused by Dog Bites and Related Medical Costs

Reports indicate that minors under 14 years have a magnified risk of injury when it comes to dog bites. According to a study in 2010, the average fee for a hospital stay was $18,200. Although some dog bites are minor, there are many that can cause horrific wounds. These can leave a victim with a long lasting injury and even permanent disability. A report published in 2012 reported that over 27,000 victims were forced to seek reconstructive surgery after suffering a dog bite injury.

Different Types of Injuries Sustained From a Dog Bite Can Include: Facial scarring, Deep puncture wound, Serious infection, Broken bones, Disfigurement, Rabies, Brain injury, Head or skull fracture, Emotional trauma, Psychological trauma such as PTSD.

Aside from pit bulls, other canine breeds that can be associated with vicious tendencies include German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and Huskies. Nonetheless, many studies indicate that it is not just the breed of dog that should be blamed for the animal bite epidemic, as dog owners are also to blame by how the animal has been trained and cared for. A dog owner that has been irresponsible in the care of the canine is quite often the sole contributing factor in horrific animal attacks.

Dog Bite Victims in Ontario, CA Could Be Eligible for Awards That Include, but Are Not Limited to the Following: Any current and impending medical costs, A loss of income, Emotional distress, Pain and suffering.

How the Attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC. Can Help You

For many years, the attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC, have observed the emotional, physical and financial burdens that victims have been left behind in the aftermath of a dog bite. At SNL Law Group, APC, we understand that dog bite cases usually entail a serious financial strain that has been placed on not just the victim, but the entire family as well. Our law firm strives to work diligently to recover the full compensation you are owed. By retaining the attorneys at SNL Law Group, APC, you can help to ensure that your case has a strong opportunity at being successful.

When it comes to dog bites in Ontario, CA- serving, experience matters; contact our law firm to learn more about all of your legal options and how we can defend your rights.  

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