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How to Protect Your Home During a Divorce in California

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

How Can I Ensure That My Home Is Protected During My Divorce? The divorce process is not always easy, and it can be very time consuming and emotional.  A question that always arises in divorce cases is how an individual can protect their personal property and the home they shared with their spouse.  The… Read More »

California’s Move Over Law Prevents Serious Car Accidents

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

If you drive the streets of Rancho Cucamonga and Inland Empire freeways, it is virtually inevitable that you have experienced the sudden traffic slowdowns that occur when there are emergency vehicles with flashing lights on the side of the roadway.  These traffic backups might be caused by cleared traffic accidents, vehicles pulled over for… Read More »

Attorney Sagi Schwartzberg Settles Slip & Fall Case for $756,000

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

In December 2016, attorney Sagi Schwartzberg of Schwartzberg | Luther in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca obtained a slip & fall settlement for $756,000. The case involved an elderly individual who visited a residential property to potentially rent it. As our client walked into the home, she was greeted by the real estate agent and encouraged… Read More »

Why Collision Victims Need Legal Advice Even If They Think They’re At-Fault

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

If you suffer serious injury or someone you love dies in an auto collision, you might experience severe pain, intense anxiety, disfigurement, and a long grueling process of rehabilitation.  These difficult physical and emotional challenges can be even more upsetting when you face financial obstacles like spiraling medical bills, loss or income, and even… Read More »

Common Myths About Criminal Cases 5 of 5: I Can Always Appeal

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

Myth 5: “There is no need to retain a private criminal defense lawyer because this can always be done on the appeal of an unfavorable verdict”. While a defendant convicted during a criminal trial has a right to pursue an appeal, the time to prevail is in the trial court.  The standard to prevail… Read More »

Common Myths About Criminal Cases 4 of 5: Testifying

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

Myth 4: “The jury will assume that I have something to hide if I do not testify”. Defendants in criminal prosecutions almost never testify because the waiver of the constitutional right against self-incrimination will expose the accused to intense cross-examination on the witness stand.  When the accused does not testify, the judge will inform… Read More »

Common Myths About Criminal Cases 3 of 5: Miranda Warnings

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

Myth 3: “The case must be dismissed because the officer failed to give a Miranda advisory”. While the police often provide a Miranda advisory in the early stages of an encounter on television shows, Miranda rights are not triggered until an accused is “in custody.”  In many cases, this threshold is crossed once an… Read More »

Common Myths About Criminal Cases 2 of 5: Illegal Drug or Firearm Possession

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

Myth No. 2: “The prosecutor cannot obtain a conviction of illegal drug or firearm possession because the gun or narcotics were not in my possession”. While television crime shows often depict a fleeing suspect throwing drugs away, the officer does not need a suspect to be in actual physical possession of the drugs for… Read More »

Common Myths About Criminal Cases 1 of 5: Incriminating Statements

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

Myth No. 1: “My incriminating statements cannot be used by the prosecutor because I told the police officer or detective I did not want to answer questions.” When people are arrested and facing the prospect of criminal charges, they will predictably experience anxiety and uncertainty regarding how to proceed.  While many people respond by… Read More »

Preparing for Court-Ordered Mediation of Child Custody Disputes

By Schwartzberg | Luther, APC |

If you are a parent involved in a divorce or a paternity action in Rancho Cucamonga or the Inland Empire, you will be required to participate in court-ordered mediation with the other parent.  The stated purpose of this mediation is to facilitate communication with the goal of reaching a mutually agreeable parenting plan.  The… Read More »

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